Meet Stella!

She is our ray of sunshine that has brightened our families days since the passing of our sweet Tobias. Tobias was our first bulldog and we loved him to pieces. He seemed to be sick since the day we brought him home. He never got better and died at 15 weeks of pneumonia. Our world just fell to pieces and the hardest part was seeing our three girls devastated and heartbroken. My first thought was, we have to get another bulldog. We waited so long for Tobias, going back and forth on whether or not we should have a second dog to keep our Chocolate Lab Scout company. My husband was a little hesitant and so were the girls. They all felt guilty just thinking about replacing Tobias. I told him he will be in our hearts forever and we would never forget how much joy he brought in such a short period of time. So we went on our summer vacation as planned and on our long drive home from Northern California I started texting a local breeder here in Arizona who then referred me to another breeder in Georgia! Long story short, we met Stella a few days later. She was flown with a flight nanny all the way from Athens. The rest is history. She is healthy, sweet and seems to think she is the boss of our chocolate lab. He tolerates her biting and barking but I know deep down he loves having someone to play with…So without further ado…Here is our sweet Stella. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

A picture of Isabella smiling is always my favorite kind of picture. Daddy’s girl through and through.

I believe this is in Red Wing.

I love all the flowers.

Stopped to watch the train roll by along side Lake Pepin. Gorgeous view.

We saw a “Lot for Sale” sign on the road & had to check it out. Lake front view for only $100k. We’ll take it, not the mosquitos though.

Isabella and Nicole taking selfies of jumping through the air.

A nice lady offered to take our picture. This is outside a coffee shop somewhere in Wisconsin.

Mississippi River in Wisconsin.

I fell in love with this old blue building. I love the handsome guy sitting in front of it too.

Sandy & Hunter. He is the same age as the twins. Hmmm, future Peters/Flen wedding someday!

The mama’s…

Dad’s getting a dab lesson from the girls.

Troy’s childhood friends and their families! Great people!

We road bikes a lot.

Sisters playing the game of “Life”.

Meyers farm! Makes you appreciate our hard working farmers.

This is the farm house Troy grew up in. The girls loved seeing it even if it was just from a distance.

This is the church Troy went to every Sunday as a kid.

Visiting Troy’s dad and grandparents graves. I wish the girls could of met their grandpa. Can’t believe he has been gone almost 16 years already.

Red barns are everywhere in the Midwest.

Visiting Mark’s grave. Troy’s brother. I know the girls would of loved him. Me too.

Uncle Brad with Isabella. He always seems to get her to smile.

Spent the day with Troy’s mom and walked around the small town she lives in. Loved all the houses and brick buildings.

My everything.

The girls couldn’t get enough of gramma Dixie’s scooter!

Troy with his mom Dixie.

Our favorite place for breakfast. I think we ate there every day it was open.

This is the house we rented for the week. It belongs to Troy’s sister in law. This is what made our stay so fun. It’s such a great house!

Captain’s Quarters…dedicated to Troy’s brother Mark.

Well, our Kauai vacation took forever to arrive but was over in just 9 short days…but it was the best vacation ever. Our girls have been to Maui twice when they were little but they don’t remember it. So this trip was extra special because we wanted them to experience the amazingness and beauty of our favorite Hawaiian island. The Garden Isle. I tried to capture it from beginning to end as best I could, but there were times I just wanted to soak it all up without having to bring my camera so some of our best times, are just memories in our heart, not on film.

We stayed in PoiPu. The south side of the island which is known to be the sunnier side. Well, it was but it also, rained and rained but we loved it. We are lucky enough to have friends that live on the island and we stayed in their guest house which was just perfect. After about 3 days I think we were used to the roosters waking us up every morning at 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7am!! Thank goodness for noise reduction head phones.

If you asked us what are 5 favorite things we did, we all pretty much had the same response. Zip lining in Koloa, boogie boarding & body surfing the waves at Shipwreck beach, jumping off the Hanalei Pier (the girls did that all by themselves…Troy & I were happy to pass that experience by), snorkeling at Anini Beach in Princeville and last Queen & Kings Bath!! We had scheduled to do a NaPali coast boat and snorkeling adventure but it was cancelled due to their boat needing repair. There is nothing more beautiful on Kauai than the NaPali coastline and sea caves. The girls were looking forward to seeing the dolphins. So next time for sure! We also spent a couple hours at the Kauai Humane Society. We are such dog & cat people it was heartbreaking to see all those kitties waiting to be adopted. There were not a lot of dogs so that was ok. Isabella said she wants to work there someday! So we made a small donation and left a small piece of our heart there. Kauai has over 4000 dog & cat rescues a year. It seems crazy considering how small the island is.

So I hope you enjoy our pictures and hopefully if you haven’t been to Hawaii yet, these pictures will motivate you do go at least once in our lifetime. Your soul will thank you. Aloha!!

Three families (Peters, Montgomerys & Grjegians)….6 parents, 10 children all girls….A lot of laughs, belly aching, face hurting kind of laughs. Aren’t those the best kind? I could go on & on about how much fun we had & how well all the girls played together but two words pretty much sum up the entire weekend…orange and knife! Oh wait, one more coconut oil!!! Can’t wait until next year!!! There are a lot of pictures,hope you enjoy.

We had a great time this year at our annual Peters & Montgomery Pinetop Lakeside, AZ cabin trip. We invited the Grjegians to join us this year and it made the trip so much fun. We had a total of 6 adults and 10 children (all girls). Isabella brought her bestie along this time. The grounds were covered in beautiful snow which we loved since us desert folk don’t get to see snow very often. Each family cooked a dinner meal one night. They were all delicious. Luckily Amanda was able to figure out how to get a vintage oven to turn on!! The adults played Pictionary and Heads Up. We laughed until we cried…the best kind of laughter I think.  I’m sure every time I hear the words male bonding, coconut oil or scent of a mouse, I will burst out laughing again. The kids played Uno and they all were so good all weekend. We went sledding, made S’mores by the fire, explored, made pancakes, eggs, bacon & sausage every morning for breakfast. Troy made  yummy mocha’s & espresso’s every day! I’d say the entire trip was a success. We can’t wait to do it again next year!!!! It’s nice to have such good friends. I feel so blessed for so many reasons. Blessed our kids are well rounded, happy and healthy and grateful to have met both the Montgomery’s & the Grjegians through our kids school. There are a lot of pictures to view. Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I loved taking them. Until next year!!